New Blog!

I realize the slow schedule this place necessitates may be somewhat confusing to hear me say I’ve opened a NEW blog when this one is so neglected (I have a big project comin up for here! Don’t worry, as soon as my school projects are squared away x.x).

But, I really did put this off.  I opened it upon two milestones: 1)  My 2,000 view mark, thanks all viewers! And 2) passing 50 views a day.

I have finally entered the WoW-blogging scene, and while those posts are a BIT of effort, it’s really NOTHING compared to these.  I can pump out a post in an hour or two, hardly the long, research involved process that I try to put into here.

Point being, I will see you all there!

Next review: Old vs. New: Homunculi


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