Newspost, 2-11-11

Okay, obviously, wow-month bit the dust.  Blog would have done so either way, I assure you, the theme had little to do with it.  Personal life has really taken a turn for the worst, and franky, I just didn’t care.

I am more concerned with “How can I keep this blog going?” than “How can I rigidly adhere to the rules that were working four months ago?”  I have no desire to abandon it, but neither do I think that I can keep it up at the pace I was trying to stick to.

Thusly, I am retroactively extending our Warcraft theme for a bit.  Once that is completed, you can expect bi-weekly entries, instead of each and every week, until further notice.

As I said, my life is all kinds of messed up right now.  So I will be trying to do whatever I can to salvage this place.  Right now that just means cutting back here.  Believe it or not, I’m kind of worried about exhausting my material here.  I want to avoid characters I only have a passing interest in.  Thus, I need to REALLY buckle down and study, and restudy, for each of these reviews.  As such I really don’t have the time to A) FIND a unique character that I have lots of points to make that ISN’T just a rehash of a previous review, and B) most of those are in long-running series, and I can’t rewatch them all just to get it done for a non-profit blog when I have schoolwork and VSP problems and my trans issues crushing me at the same time.

I am sorry it’s come to this, but I hope maybe this will keep things going for a bit longer.


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