Random Ravings 1

So to start out the month, this is simple stuff that I will be posting about the characterization in Warcraft.  This is for things not-specific to characters (such as races), characters where my beef is only so small, or issues with characters so insignificant they don’t warrant their own page.  Ready? Begin!


I love the Naga.  I have been hoping for playable Naga for years, since Warcraft 3 was out and WoW was announced.  As such I was grateful that Azshara was scrapped for this expansion, as the original releases indicated that she would be a killable boss in Cataclysm.  But, the main boss now is Deathwing. No sir, no sir, no sir.  Azshara, the being who, as a Night Elf, was as powerful as Archimonde?  Playing second fiddle to a bipolar dragon? Never.

Now, on the plus side, I am glad they are treating the Naga with their demographics.  Previously, lore always stated that Naga were matriarchal, with few females who ruled over countless peon males, where females were decidedly more intelligent and cunning than males.  However, in expansions past, female Naga are everywhere.  In Cata, they are a rarity, and I am glad for it.  We even have new face skins for the Naga (including a much softer-looking female…Troll much?), which not inherently a positive, but it means they’re playing with the models, and playable Naga might not be too far away.

Now for the story bits.

In his quest to prove that as much stuff as possible is taken from Babylon 5, one of the sister races of the elf Minbari (that is, Night Elves, they are totally Minbari) now has a warrior caste.  This is brand new, thanks Metzen for making me have even less faith in you.

-Lord Darius Crowley

This guy is okay, but, does he really have to sound like a caricature of the REALLY fat guy in a frat movie.  I never hear him speak without rolling my eyes or giggling.  I mean, it’s Warcraft, I don’t expect Chris Sabbat every single time, but some voicework with a LITTLE effort would be nice.  Some standards, maybe?  It is hard to make a dramatic character your audience can’t possibly take seriously.

-Knights of the Ebon Blade

Metzen says that the Knights are resurrecting their own death knights now.  Added into Sylvanas and well, just because the Lich King’s dead, doesn’t mean we can’t have the Scourge still right? Yeah yeah, Bolvar’s the new Lich King.  But, as far as we know he’s just keeping them bottled up as adventurers come and kill them, not adding to their numbers.  This has just turned a Neutral-Good/True Neutral organization into an evil organization.  The Knights were never evil, pragmatic, yes, but never evil.  But hey, Necromancers are okay dudes after all.


Expect the following in future posts, as I didn’t lay out a plan before:



-Alexstrasza (maybe)


-Genn Greymane

-Varian Wrynn update (probably just in a random ravings post)


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