So, what is the big announcement Anna?  What do I want to read from your blog in the coming month? Are you hiding something from us? How do I get girls like you to like me? Is there hope for us?

In no particular order: No. Yes. The best stuff possible.  Get on your hands and knees.  And that next month is going to be themed.

That’s right! In celebration of the newest expansion (oh god no! Why that!?) I will be doing a Warcraft Month.  Specifically, now that Cataclysm is out, I want to analyze a few characters who were butchered, didn’t work well, and the general weaknesses in the characters and storytelling that have emerged within the past 30 days.

Further, as an experiment mostly, I will be abandoning my “schedule” for the month (hence the change in title) to experiment with just doing the regular blog thing and updating when I feel like it, for several reasons.

First: I am lazy.  But due to the way I write, I kind of write up two or three of these at a time when I’m on a roll, and then say “oh, I don’t have to work for two more weeks. I have a backlog”  Then two or three weeks comes and if I end up having trouble, I go psycho and put out crap just to keep the deadline when I could really use the extra day (strangely, the Varian Wrynn review was an example of rushed, by coincidence, sandwiched between three or four far better reviews).

Two: Because I want to get these out while the anger still seethes inside me.  As the Emperor said, you have to let the hate flow through you.  If I try to get ALL of these little nitpicky character pieces out, I’d have to A) space them out, as I don’t WANT this place to become a WoW blog (I could DO it, but I’d feel like I took the easy road), and if I did that, I might not have the sharp wit and endearing sense of nerd-rage that makes me the amazing creature I am due to the Stockholm syndrome that anyone who roleplays in Warcraft needs to develop or be dragged away to the loony bin (in my case, multiple times).

Three: Because despite being utter crap, the Varian Wrynn review is my most popular.  Go figure.  But if I AM going to be getting the Warcraft-nerd visitation, I will make damn sure that they are seeing the good stuff.

So yes, check back daily, because there may be times I post three days in a row, and I will be sure to keep my current schedule (once a week) minimum.  But there are so many little things to address I should have plenty to update every 2-4 days all month.

Hope you all have as much fun with this as I do. ^_^


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