What’s a character review?

So you’ve stumbled across my new blog.  Big deal.  Another region where some poor soul is shouting at the dark with not enough ears to listen.

Well that may be true but at least this will be a THEMATIC shout at the dark!  And I will do it while kicking a puppy.

All the stories in the world, and she had to walk inta mine....

Who is the Mistress of Mischief here? Okay fine, briefly, about me.

My name is Anna, I am a wanderer of the internets, across many stormy forums and chat programs.  I love to write (some poor shlobs have even paid me for some of it) and am fascinated by stories and created universes. Over the past few years I have discovered that, with almost no exception, no matter the fandom I seem to have unique opinions regarding events, which, once articulated, find converts here and there.

Because of this I tend to tangent a lot.  Even when it’s not appreciated.  But, I figure, there is hope! So I have started this place, where I will be assembling a lot of my previous forum posts, fleshing them out, and for your viewing pleasure (actually, outrage is more like it, outrage generates more interest!) assemble them here.

“But, surely,” you say, “you tangent on a crapload more stuff than can be sorted, why not just use a livejournal for that stuff?”, and you would be right.  Which is why I will looking at a specific kind of rant: that of the character analysis.

Here I will be analyzing specific characters.  Specifically focusing on their function within their stories, and function within the plot.  In particular I am interested in sharing views on characters where my take on things is either:

  1. Completely different, or significantly at odds with, the prevailing viewpoint of a certain fanbase.
  2. Emphasis on characters who are often overlooked and, in my eyes, underappreciated.
  3. Characters who are SERIOUSLY overrated, or misrepresented, especially in the presence of better examples. Or,
  4. When a character’s function flat out, epic FAILS, such as Jar-jar in Star Wars, Neelix in Star Trek, or Near, in Death Note, where the creators were definitely, obviously trying to illicit a certain reaction out of their fan-base, and failed miserably.

Just doing an analysis, for the sake of doing one, doesn’t really sound like a lot of fun.  You’ll probably notice I am sticking to mostly movies, or very short series/appearances in long series for now.  This is because, quite frankly, major, long running characters (like, Inuyasha, or Naruto) would be SO complex and simply SO MUCH to sift through, no analysis could be complete (especially for the ongoing series).  Maybe as I get time, and if I feel like putting on the big girl pants, I’ll do that kind of thing, but those will definitely be events.

For now I’m content to throw out a bunch of mini-essays I’ve already worked on and just flesh them out into a legitimate presentation. Feel free to yell at me.


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