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I realize the slow schedule this place necessitates may be somewhat confusing to hear me say I’ve opened a NEW blog when this one is so neglected (I have a big project comin up for here! Don’t worry, as soon as my school projects are squared away x.x).

But, I really did put this off.  I opened it upon two milestones: 1)  My 2,000 view mark, thanks all viewers! And 2) passing 50 views a day.

I have finally entered the WoW-blogging scene, and while those posts are a BIT of effort, it’s really NOTHING compared to these.  I can pump out a post in an hour or two, hardly the long, research involved process that I try to put into here.

Point being, I will see you all there!

Next review: Old vs. New: Homunculi


The Eleventh Doctor (from Doctor Who)

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I’m going to do something I’ve ragged on people for.  Well, it’s still in the SPIRIT of my original intent, but there’s stuff that needs to be said.  In the end, I blame Welshy.  I’ve been responding a bit to some commenters on his video countdown of his Top Ten Eleventh Doctor moments (find it here).  And since I don’t want to write books about it, suck up his page, and otherwise be a pain in the ass, I’m going to bring those points here.  This is more of a personal post, which I never really wanted to do (more than just, personal motivations for reviewing something).  It’s also about an “in-progress” character, which I also never wanted to do.  This is also probably the most “persuasive” styled post I have ever written, so far.  Weird, right?

But, really, I have left the job half finished.  There are two halves to “The Point” that I wanted to get across with the Tenth Doctor review.  One half of that point is with Doctor Ten and David Tennant and RTD.  I think I managed to get about 90% of that across.

But the other half lies with Steven Moffat, Doctor Eleven, and Matt Smith.  And while I did kind of lean heavily on them in my “here’s what other Doctors do” points, I don’t think that that review can stand as complete as I wanted it to be, without DIRECTLY confronting these three factors in the current run of Doctor Who.

So, here I go.  You might want to read the Tenth Doctor review first, but I’ll try to keep this stand alone. Wish me luck. Continue reading

The Tenth Doctor (from Doctor Who)

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A topical note, Nicolas Courtney, aka Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, passed away yesterday.  He will be missed.  Now, let’s get back into our normal swing with a BANG!

That brings us to the BBC’s version of Chris Metzen, Russel T. Davies.

Not so much in that RTD plays fast and loose with his own canon (though some would argue otherwise), but in that his fans have a love/hate relationship with his written work.

It’s a strange thing that people who adore certain aspects of RTD’s creations despise other elements as “the worst thing EVAR”. And the biggest symbol of his legacy is the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.  And, no, I will not be having it both ways here.  The good parts of the Tenth Doctor are not the work of David Tennant, and the bad parts are not the work of RTD.  They both have equal credit, and equal BLAME in this blog. Continue reading

Illidan (from Warcraft)

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This will be the last in the belated Warcraft-Month postings, there are some other details I can touch on, but I can save them for later in the year, I bonked it this time.  This will be part of a double feature, tomorrow I expect to be done with my review of the Tenth Doctor.  That’s right.  Onto topic!

I don’t know what the original plan for Illidan was.  Maybe he was supposed to become a sort of Night Elf messiah to get their heads out of their butts.  Illidan’s story was originally one about obsession.  It was a parallel to run side by side with Maiev in Frozen Throne.  The old Nietzsche quote about staring into the abyss for too long is a nice sum up here: Illidian was driven to do dark things because of his obsession and, as the Night Elves saw it, baseless trust in magic.  And Maiev would disobey orders, lie, cheat, and eventually go half insane chasing Illidan.  And unintentionally or not, the irony in Illidan’s title, “the Betrayer”, had a huge impact on me, and several people I know regarding his character.  He was a tragic hero, one you couldn’t help but feel sorry for, even root for up until his introduction in World of Warcraft.

And then, we saw a great hand, the Hand of Metzen, reach out and crush him.

I should explain that phrase by the way…entering random tangent mode! Continue reading

Garrosh Hellscream (from WoW)

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A quick apology for the lateness and out-of-sync posting (see newspost).

No celebration of Cataclysm could be remotely complete without discussing Garrosh.  He is perhaps the most polarizing figure of the expansion. Oh, a minor note.  To keep the tin-foil hats on, you know how I’ve mentioned how Warcraft rips A LOT from Babylon 5? Well the Orcs are similar to the Narn in B5, a warrior race that was conquered and enslaved by an enemy (the Humans/Centauri).  Once their freedom is gained they are led by a leader who is deeply spiritual and tries to teach them to un-hate every other race (Thrall/G’Kar).  Upon leaving his people, the pacifist leader turns control over to a more militant leader (Garrosh/Ta’lon).  G’Kar actually puts it more eloquently, “To represent our people one must be equal parts warrior and priest.  As of late I have been more priest than warrior.  Perhaps it is time for one who is more warrior than priest.”  Just something to think about when you want to praise the “genius” of Metzen. Continue reading

Newspost, 2-11-11

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Okay, obviously, wow-month bit the dust.  Blog would have done so either way, I assure you, the theme had little to do with it.  Personal life has really taken a turn for the worst, and franky, I just didn’t care.

I am more concerned with “How can I keep this blog going?” than “How can I rigidly adhere to the rules that were working four months ago?”  I have no desire to abandon it, but neither do I think that I can keep it up at the pace I was trying to stick to.

Thusly, I am retroactively extending our Warcraft theme for a bit.  Once that is completed, you can expect bi-weekly entries, instead of each and every week, until further notice.

As I said, my life is all kinds of messed up right now.  So I will be trying to do whatever I can to salvage this place.  Right now that just means cutting back here.  Believe it or not, I’m kind of worried about exhausting my material here.  I want to avoid characters I only have a passing interest in.  Thus, I need to REALLY buckle down and study, and restudy, for each of these reviews.  As such I really don’t have the time to A) FIND a unique character that I have lots of points to make that ISN’T just a rehash of a previous review, and B) most of those are in long-running series, and I can’t rewatch them all just to get it done for a non-profit blog when I have schoolwork and VSP problems and my trans issues crushing me at the same time.

I am sorry it’s come to this, but I hope maybe this will keep things going for a bit longer.

Sylvanas Windrunner (from WoW)

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You know you would...don't lie

This does not only encompass Sylvanas, but many of the undead factions.  However, because Sylvanas is the biggest face to this problem, here goes.  Oh, wait, I lied.  One complaint right away: I HATE THE ZOMBIE NANNY VOICE!   I know that’s probably not something Blizzard has responsibility for, and her old voice is hard to top, but there it is, it can STILL bother me.  We good? Great. Moving on.

We first meet Sylvanas in Warcraft 3, where she is the Ranger General of Silvermoon.  Her duty is to stop the undead from conquering Quel’Thalas and gaining access to the Sunwell.

As a side note, the Sunwell is kind of like the Ring from Lord of the Rings, isn’t it? It always gains new powers and becomes more important expansion to expansion (until we hit Wrath, where it has become a useless macguffin).  Moving on! Continue reading